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laboratory of electronic science and technology
Laboratory Introduction

The laboratory of electronic science and technology was established in September, 1997, relying on laser research institute. After the establishment, the school leaders attached great importance and invested a lot to it. By December of 2012, fixed assets have amounted to more than 4,400,000, as well as 447 PCS/sets of equipments. After the 2009 laboratory’s movement to Chenggong campus, the using area was more than 1800 square meters, which gave a great scientific support to  electronic science and technology electronic science and technology experiment, optical engineering master graduate students and faculty of science teachers.

The Team

The lab has 2 full-time staff and 6 part-time experimental teachers.


By December 2012, fixed assets have amounted to more than 4,440,000, having equipments of 447 PCS, including huge optical platform, ruby laser, argon ion laser, YAG laser etc.

Experimental Teaching

Electronic science and technology professional laboratory gave supports to electronic science and technology professional analog circuit, calculation method, engineering optics, laser principles and devices, digital image processing and information optical courses, opening curriculum design to modern optical experiment, photoelectric professional experiment, engineering optical curriculum design, laser principle and device curriculum design, analog circuit curriculum design, and also provided spaces for undergraduate students graduate design, students' science and technology innovation activities, open experiment and extracurricular interest group activities. It also provided experiment spaces for advanced optical experiments and the researching areas for optical engineering master graduate student as the scientific research platform for science teachers.


After the establishment of the laboratory, it had cultivated undergraduates for 12 years and graduate students for 9 years. Teachers used the laboratory resources to get Natural Science Fund for five times, Yunnan Natural Science Fund and Yunnan Department of Education Research Fund for more than ten items, won second place of Yunnan Science and Technology Awards for twice and third place for four times.

Experimental Environments

After the lab moved to Chenggong in 2009, the experimental environments got great improvement and the using areas were more than 1800 square meters. (With physics teaching building of 900 square meters at 1st floor, computing center at 1st floor and the fifth floor of 900 square meters.)

Management System

Electronic science and technology professional laboratory belongs to science integrated laboratory, and accepts the leadership of Faculty of Science and Laboratory Management. The laboratory has set up all kinds of management systems, including equipment instrument asset management system, low value consumable items management system, experimental instrument use management sys-tem, experimental instrument damage compensation system, experimental instruments and equipment for the custody system.

Development and Construction

Laboratory has taken shape by these years’ development and offered twenty experiments for modern optical experiment, photoelectric professional experiment courses under the support of the university and college. After the completion of German Loan Project, six experiment courses would be opened for laser principle and device test, optical fiber communication experiment and sensing experiment, engineering optics, information optics experiment, photoelectric display and  photoelectric detection experiments. At that time, our lab would make greater contributions for the development of electronic science and technology.

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